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Bill McKibben

With the publication of his first book, The End of Nature, nearly 25 years ago, Bill McKibben introduced the concepts of climate change and global warming to a previously unaware public. In the quarter century since, he's written a dozen books and is today recognized as one of the world's most active, iconic, and dedicated environmentalists. McKibben believes that the climate crisis needs to be tackled at both local and global levels. For example, he spent a year in the company of a beekeeper as part of the growing trend toward local food. He also founded, the international grassroots organization that was responsible for stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. McKibben's latest book, Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist, is his account of these mutually reinforcing fronts in the climate fight. Drawing from his new book as well as his life's work as an environmentalist, McKibben will discuss the need for action along with effective strategies, both local and global, toward the goal of saving our planet.

Note: $36 tickets include a copy of Oil and Honey. Book will be distributed at event.

PCPA Box Office ticket prices (including service charge):
$44.75 - Orchestra & 1st Balcony (includes book)
$28.25 - 2nd Balcony
Additional fees may apply to online, outlet and phone sales.

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