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Jared Diamond

Beginning with his landmark book, The Third Chimpanzee, and continuing with the mega-bestsellers Collapse and Guns, Germs, and Steel, scientist and professor Jared Diamond has studied the role and impact of traditional and modern human societies throughout the world. Incorporating concepts from a variety of fields, including anthropology, evolutionary biology, ecology, and biophysics, Diamond's multidisciplinary surveys of human societies have made him an eminent voice on the subject.

Drawing from his new book, The World Until Yesterday, Diamond takes us on a mesmerizing journey into our rapidly vanishing past. Utilizing decades of fieldwork in the Pacific Islands, as well as evidence from Inuit, Amazonian, and other cultures, Diamond explores how traditional peoples approach universal problems – from child rearing and elder care to dispute resolution – and discovers that we have much to learn from these cultures.

Note: Ticket price includes admission and a copy of The World Until Yesterday. Books will be distributed at event.

Ticket price (including fees at the Portland'5 Box Office):
$36.25 (all seats)



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