Located Inside:

Antoinette Hatfield Hall

Winningstad Theatre

Dorothée Munyaneza with Holland Andrews, Bruce Clarke, and Alain Mahé

Dorothée Munyaneza with Holland Andrews, Bruce Clarke, and Alain Mahé directs our gaze towards the aftermath of genocide. Here, we explore the psychic repercussions of 100,000 to 250,000 Rwandan women raped in the span of four months in 1994 who proceeded to have children from their attacks. Dorothée conducted personal interviews with survivors, beginning with “Have you accepted yourself?” For the artists, it is a question of how bodies hold, move, and operate within the confines of a lived trauma. The audience becomes witness to the beauty and dignity of women who choose to attempt to elevate their lives outside of their rape experience, from the dark into the light. The last question she asks, “What is your favorite song or dance,” becomes woven into the performance with musical collaboration from Holland Andrews and Alain Mahé.

Due to the content of this piece, we recommend a mature audience of 16+.


From September 07 to 17, 2017, PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival activates the city of Portland, Oregon, with contemporary art projects that bring artists and audiences together, creating a vibrant community through live performances, music, screenings, workshops, talks, and visual art installations.



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