Keller Auditorium

Oregon 2020 Lunar New Year Celebration

Oregon 2020 Lunar New Year celebration including visual art exhibit & craft workshop, and performances.

Chinese Friendship Association of Portland (CFAP) is a non-profit organization, serving the local community. CFAP organizes multiple education and culture focused events all year long.  The most popular events are annual Lunar New Year (LNY) Celebration Gala. 

This upcoming event will be a history making event. It will be the first time that LNY celebration is held in Keller Auditorium, one of the best local theaters. It will also be the first time that multiple Asian communities coming together to celebrate LNY.  In addition, the performances will be stunning, including top level ballet professionals dancing a national award-winning piece, Chinese National Level face changing performer, international Wushu champions performing their best routines, and a variety of culture performances by well-known groups and individuals. There will also be art exhibits by well-known visual artists and craft workshops by popular culture organizations.


Featured performances

  • Xuan Cheng & Brian Simcoe from Oregon Ballet Theatre performing a national choreography winning piece.
  • Face changing Chinese national level performer -Long Yun who is the only female inheritor in China.
  • Routines from Wushu international champions
  • Magic show
  • A variety of cultural performances by well-known individuals, and popular local culture performing groups and dance schools.

Asian Art and Culture

  • Art and calligraphy exhibits created by well-known artists such as a calligrapher, and other visual artists.
  • Craft workshops by popular local cultural organizations.

Art & craft activities begin at 6pm. Performances begin at 7pm and run through 9pm.

Ticket Prices: $20, $25, $35, $50 (service charges apply).
Group discount with 20+ tickets purchased. For group ticket purchase, please contact:

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