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2019 Calvin & Mayho Tanabe Address

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel
Health Care Transformation and Its Ethical Challenges

Described as a “force of nature,” Ezekiel Emanuel is one of America’s leading voices in the complex and challenging effort to transform how health care is delivered and medicine is practiced. His own experience as an oncologist, academic leader, policy adviser and author has led him to prescribe some provocative cradle-to-grave fixes for what ails our health care system. The common denominator of his ideas: What’s best for patients. 

Read a selection of his articles:

"Why I Hope to Die at 75" inThe Atlantic

"Big Pharma's Go-To Defense of Soaring Drug Prices Doesn't Add Up" in The Atlantic

"Democrats are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate" in The New York Times (subscriber content)

"When is the Price of a Drug Unjust? The Average Lifetime Earnings Standard" in Health Affairs

Read his most recent book, “Prescription for the Future: The Twelve Transformational Practices of Highly Effective Medical Organizations“ 

Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD
Vice Provost for Global Initiatives
Chair, Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
University of Pennsylvania

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