Newmark Theatre


Symphony Orchestra
Portland Youth Choir

Moncayo  Sinfonietta
Arturo Márquez   Danzón No. 8
Juan David Osorio   Suite de Villancicos Latinoamericanos
Carlos Guzmán   Cantos de Guanacaste

Season subscriptions available for all four MYS 2018/19 concerts:

Full Season ticket $64.00 - $155.00
Senior Subscription $44.00 - $80.00
Student Subscription $44.00 - $80.00

Newmark Theatre : Upcoming Events


Portland Revels presents Christmas Revels, Highland Voyage, A Scottish Celebration of the Winter Solstice...

Showing: 12/14 - 12/22

Metropolitan Youth Symphony presents their Cantando concert at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre on Sunday,...

Showing: 01/06

Portland'5 presents Animaniacs in Concert with Randy Rogel and Rob Paulsen at the Newmark Theatre on...

Showing: 01/12

Oregon Children's Theatre presents Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre January...

Showing: 01/19 - 02/17

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live – Into the Arctic Kingdom at the Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 01/28

Portland'5 presents the Grammy-Award winning Silkroad Ensemble in concert at the Newmark Theatre on Monday...

Showing: 02/04