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The Christmas Revels: Ghosts of Haddon Hall

2019 Ghosts Haddon Hall Promo

Will historic Haddon Hall be torn down to build a highway, or will the ghosts save the day? Portland’s 25th annual Christmas Revels is a magical story full of wonder, music, laughter, and quite a few ghosts! This year’s show also includes some of your Revels favorites, including The Twelve Days of Christmas, Boar’s Head Carol, a Mummers Play complete with dragon, and Revels favorite clown, Burl Ross! The 25th annual Portland Christmas Revels also features guest instrumentalists Phil and Gayle Neuman of The Trail Band.

Pre-show Events

December 14, 12pm before the 1pm performance:
Join Revels Music Director Robert Lockwood for a conversation about the music for the 25th annual Christmas Revels. Get a behind the scenes look at how Revels music is chosen, arranged, and performed directly from the person responsible. 

December 15, 12pm before the 1pm performance:
On Revels Family Day, join Revels young performers Dash Fitzgerald Hartman and Beatrice Danforth for a lively conversation about performing in the Christmas Revels. How hard is it to learn lines? Do Beatrice and Dash get nervous before they go out on stage? How were they chosen for the roles? With Revels Artistic Director Bruce Hostetler.

December 19, 6:30pm before the 7:30pm performance:
Before you see the Christmas Revels: Ghosts of Haddon Hall, spend some time with Revels special guest instrumentalists Phil and Gayle Neuman of the Trail Band. See some of their hand-made instruments and have a chance to ask two of Portland’s finest musicians questions about building and playing their amazing array of eclectic apparatus.

Portland Revels also presents Haddon Holiday, Portland’s very own Revels designed just for children ages 2-7, December 27 & 28, 2019 in the Brunish Theatre.

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