Newmark Theatre

Director's Choice

Artistic Director Kevin Irving’s unique approach to 21st century American ballet reflects the vigor of an ever-evolving art form. In Director’s Choice, he has curated some of the company’s most loved contemporary works in an intimate program at the Newmark Theatre.

Gioconda Barbuto’s BringingOutsideIn, one of three works created for 2017’s Choreography XX in Washington Park, was a standout hit that thrilled audiences. Resident Choreographer Nicolo Fonte’s Presto was called “a short trip in a very fast machine. As soon as it’s over you want to press replay and see it all over again.” And Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato’s most famous work Jardí Tancat electrified the theater in Terra. We close this ambitious evening with Fonte’s Giants Before Us, which mixes both extreme physicality of movement and the romanticism of an earlier era. With Hunter Noack repeating his acclaimed performance of the Franz Liszt score, we will say a poignant farewell to Principal Dancer Chauncey Parsons, who retires after eleven seasons with OBT.

Gioconda Barbuto / Owen Belton, Sarah
Neufeld, Gabriel Prokofiev & Peter Gregson

Nicolo Fonte / Ezio Bosso
Jardí Tancat
Nacho Duato / Maria del Mar Bonet

Giants Before Us
Nicolo Fonte / Franz Liszt & Franz Schubert
Featuring pianist Hunter Noack

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