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Rally on the Risers

“Rally on the Risers” takes stage at the Dolores Winningstad Theatre Saturday, November 4, 2017. The curtain opens at 7:00pm to showcase the talent of several local choirs headlined by Bridge Town Sound. While these choirs will be engaged in friendly competition, they are united in their support of Marathon Scholars, a local Portland non-profit.

Marathon Scholors (group photo)Marathon Scholars was founded in 2002 to bring together caring adults and talented, under-resourced children to make the dream of a college degree and economic independence a reality. Marathon Scholars provides a mix of scholarship support, coaching/counselling assistance and volunteer mentors to sustain more than 100 children in the greater Portland area. As the name suggests, Marathon implies continuous support for a lengthy period, from intake at Grade 5 all the way through to college graduation. Marathon’s first wave of scholars began graduating from college in 2016, and celebrated the graduation of another EIGHT students in 2017.

This success reinforces Marathon’s core values:
• We believe that opportunity can change a life.
• We desire to share experience and good fortune with kids who have less.
• We believe in the need to act; not just discuss.
• We desire to have a direct, long-term impact on the life of a child.
• We desire to expand a child’s view of the possible.
• We believe that a mentor’s participation will benefit the mentor as much or more than the Scholar.

Bridgetown Sound (group performance photo)Bridge Town Sound (BTS) aspires to be the premier men's a cappella chorus in the Pacific Northwest, serving the Portland-Vancouver Metro area (and beyond). BTS has won the all-Oregon Barbershop Chorus Contest numerous times, most recently in 2014. BTS’ mission promotes vocal harmony and fellowship among its members; assists in educating the public in music appreciation generally and barbershop specifically; and funding charitable projects and organizations such as Marathon Scholars.

Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir (group photo)Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir
Founded in 2011, the Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir (PIGC) is a community-based interfaith choir and non-profit. Their aim is to inspire joy and unity through traditional black gospel music that fosters cross-cultural and cross-racial understanding and connection. PIGC has proudly partnered with many community-based organizations that also promote and celebrate diversity, social justice, and equality throughout the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, PIGC was awarded an arts equity grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) to further their community outreach in the local Portland community.

Cantico Singers (group photo)Cántico Singers
Cántico Singers is a small ensemble of vocalists based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to high-caliber performances of choral music in a wide range of styles. Founded in 2008, Cántico integrates musicians from diverse backgrounds including jazz, alternative rock, marching band and musical theater. We showcase these disparate musical credentials with small group numbers and solo pieces in our concerts. Our eclectic repertoire includes Bach, Billy Joel, Rachmaninoff, Pentatonix, Eric Whitacre, Duke Ellington, and The Beach Boys.
In addition to our concerts, Cántico performs at festivals, churches, and community events throughout the Portland area. We regularly give performance opportunities to high school and youth choirs, collaborate with other local musicians, and have even recorded backup vocals for a rap album. Rather than limiting ourselves by genre, we seek to share our passion for singing and make choral music fresh, compelling, and accessible to everyone.

Together, Marathon Scholars, Bridge Town Sound, Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir and Cántico Singers are Rallying caring individuals through music and harmony to help those who are under-resourced Rise up and contribute to the development of a richer and more vibrant community.

Rally on the Risers – A Community in Rhythm

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