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Las Migas

Flamenco and Mediterranean Music From Spain

Las Migas' latest album, Vente Conmigo, is nominated for Best Flamenco Record Of The Year by the Latin Grammys

LAS MIGAS is unique among Spanish music groups, a fascinating blend of Flamenco and Mediterranean styles that combines classic and contemporary rhythms, and melodies that range from powerful to passionate to playful.

The four women of Las Migas come from four different cities that span not only the geography of Spain but also its cultural diversity--Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba and Lerida. The two Andalusians are the guitarists: Marta Robles, the veteran, and Alicia Grillo, the most recent and youngest musician of the group. The two Catalans are Alba Carmona on vocals, and Roser Loscos on violin. They all came to the group with one common passion: Flamenco. You can hear it in the rhythms of the guitarists, the dancing violin lines, and the raw power of the vocals. Alba is also a gifted dancer.

Then the group started to evolve. Latin rhythms gave the music a happier, more upbeat sound. And a sensitive side began to emerge with beautiful ballads as Alba expanded her emotional range, the violin lines became more pensive and the guitar arrangements became more complex and intertwined. The dance became more interpretive and free-flowing. The new Las Migas style was established, and has thrived.

From the beginning, the Barcelona-based quartet has filled big theatres and has performed in some of the most important World Music festivals. Their new music is more luminous, with a strong Latin touch. Their style on stage, from their clothing to their makeup to their staging, reflects a richness that enhances the impact of the music.

The new Las Migas live show, recently launched, contains many surprises. For the first time, Alba presents a special choreography featuring dance and vocals, filled with sensuality and self-confidence. The concert begins with a very intimate and personal approach, and as it builds in emotional intensity it showcases the exquisite, heartfelt style that has always characterized the music of Las Migas.

And now, Las Migas is coming to North America. In the Fall of 2016 Las Migas will bring their special brand of personal and professional excitement to the United States and Canada for a concert tour.


Las Migas is part of the 2017-18 Portland'5 Education Program season.

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