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Laurie Anderson

Arguably, the U.S.’ most popular avant-garde performance artist, the two-time GRAMMY award winner Anderson has created ground-breaking works that span art, theatre, experimental music, and technology. Her recording career, launched by Big Science in 1981, includes the soundtrack to her feature film Home of the Brave, and her 2001 album Life on a String. Anderson’s live shows range from simple spoken word to elaborate multi-media stage performances. In 2002, Anderson was appointed the first artist-in-residence of NASA, culminating in her 2004 touring solo performance The End of the Moon. In 2010, a retrospective of her visuals and installation work opened in São Paulo, Brazil. Her largest exhibition to date has been shows at The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art in 2022.

Laurie Anderson brings her latest show, entitled ‘Let X = X,’ to the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles March 27, 2024.

‘X = X’ features the enduring avant-gardist Anderson—backed by the New York underground jazz combo Sexmob—in a set of revisited vintage and recent songs with a grooving spirit.

The New York Times called her recent Brooklyn Academy of Music performance a “thrilling multimedia show.” As for the music, the Times says ‘X = X’ is not “a historical recreation of past recordings; Sexmob’s sound is a beefier one than on Anderson’s albums” with Sexmob contributing inventive arrangements that never over-power the show’s impish 76-year old frontwoman.

Sexmob is Steven Bernstein, Briggan Krauss, Tony Scherr, Kenny Wollesen, and Doug Wieselman.

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