Venue Rental

The Portland'5 venues provide an architecturally stunning backdrop for any event - whether you're seeking a gorgeous space for your performance or a unique gathering place for a corporate event, we will help you plan a truly exceptional event. Below is a brief overview of our event planning resources. For further information, explore the more specific pages listed in the tabs to the right (scroll down on mobile devices), or reach out to one of our seasoned planning experts.

Booking and Sales

The first step in holding your event at a Portland'5 venue is to fill out and return to us the rental application. For information about catering, rental rates and ticketing options, please reach out to one of our seasoned planning experts.

Booking & Sales office:
Heather Wilton, Director of Programming & Booking: 503.274.6568

Rental Rates

Rental rates for Portland'5 facilities will depend on many factors. Is your group a non-profit? Are you interested in day, as well as evening performances? Our rate sheet gives the information you need to begin planning your event.

View or download a printable version of Portland'5 rental rates below:

2020/21 Rental Rates
Rates effective July 1, 2020 and are subject to change without notice.


We are proud to partner with pacificwild for our catered events. Their passion for seasonal ingredients and sustainability transform an event at Portland'5 into more than a pleasant experience and good meal.  It is an expression of their commitment to supporting and maintaining Oregon's rich natural resources by promoting its culinary and cultural heritage and imbuing every occasion, from 10 guests to 1,000, with a sense of place and their unique spirit. Click here to check out our menu.

For more information, contact our catering department:

Dave Woodman, General Manager
(503) 731-7952

Lindsay Pearson, Assistant General Manager
(503) 731-7828

pacificwild, 1111 SW Broadway Ave., Portland, OR 97205