OHSU Brain Awareness

Brain Awareness Season began in 2000 as Brain Awareness Week. Now the months-long season attracts one of the largest groups of brain care experts, researchers and community members in the U.S. Thousands of participants gather to share information and learn about the power of our most important organ. All Brain Awareness Lectures are produced by the OHSU Brain Institute and are open to the public.

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Photo: Larry Sherman, Ph.D.

OHSU Brain Institute presents The Neuroscience of Pleasure with Larry Sherman, Ph.D. at the Portland'5...

Showing: 03/30
Dr. Leigh Hochberg image

OHSU Brain Institute presents Machines and the Mind with Dr. Leigh Hochberg at the Portland'5 Newmark...

Showing: 05/27
Dr. Peter Hotez photo

OHSU Brain Institute presents Vaccines: Autism and Other Myths with Dr. Peter Hotez at the Portland'5...

Showing: 06/29