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Antoinette Hatfield Hall

Winningstad Theatre

Butch Is Not A Dirty Word

Butch Is Not A Dirty Word (BINADW) is a documentary exploration by creative producer and photographer Esther Godoy. The mission is to celebrate butch identity, increase butch visibility, and amplify butch voices through the art of storytelling. What started as a print magazine has grown into a prominent online presence.

Butches often grow up without any positive, dynamic and multi-dimensional representations of what is possible for those who look like them. Through the collective-conscious of the platform, BINADW aims to serve as the older butch sibling that few butches had, but that every butch deserved.

Join Portland’5 Centers for the Arts’ Department of Culture and Community for a gallery viewing and artist talk with Esther Godoy, followed by a special after party with DJ Aspen.


Questions & Accommodation Requests: Portland’5 Director of Culture and Community, Ruby Joy White at RubyWhite@portland5.com

This is a free community event taking place at the Winningstad Theatre and Antoinette Hatfield Hall Rotunda Lobby.
Address: 1111 SW Broadway Ave., Portland, OR 97205 (corner of Broadway & Main St.)

ESTHER GODOY (they/she)

As a creative producer, photographer and storyteller, Esther draws inspiration from exploring the ways in which individuals' past experiences shape their present narratives. Through the lens of depth psychology and spirituality, they navigate these stories with a keen curiosity and sensitivity, drawing parallels from the individual's story, to wider cultural patterns at large. Their work is deeply driven by the exploration of where queer history and contemporary queer culture collide.

With over a decade of experience in the creative industry, Esther leverages their background as a web developer and social media strategist to foster visibility and uplift underserved communities, with a dedicated focus on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

Artist Instagram: @esthergoodboy

BINADW Instagram: @butchisnotadirtyword

DJ ASPEN (she/her)

DJ Aspen is a Southerplayerlistic DJ and music producer hailing from Atlanta, GA. Since moving to Portland in October of 2021 she has opened up for Afroman, KottonMouth Kings, Ski Mask The Slump God, Kodak Black, and Lil Wayne. DJ Aspen serves as a house DJ for the Portland Timbers/Thorns as well as for a long list of local Portland artist including Rain Ezra, Tox!c, Sol Luna, and Wavy Joseph just to name a few. Going from stages as big as Providence Park, The North Warehouse, and the Bassanova, to places as cozy and intimate as Church bar, The Big Legrowlski, Kelly’s Olympian, and The Star Theater.

Instagram: @a.spendabeat                    

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