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Brunish Theatre

Portland Mini Musical Festival

We’re back with your chance to see six ALL NEW musicals all in one night!

Join Live On Stage for Portland's own festival of all new musicals and check out six brand new 15-minute shows by local writers and composers. The festival has been a huge hit for the past two years and performances have been completely sold out. Brett Campbell from Oregon ArtsWatch wrote Portland’s Mini Musical Festival is “one of the most enjoyable theatrical experiences of the year.”

We’ll delve (albeit briefly) into musical tales of a man who is in love with his personal drama, a clueless inspector from Scotland Yard, lovers unable to seal the deal, hope in the face of a loveless marriage, murder by le machine, and more! Grab your tickets and your friends and join us for the perfect night out for every musical theater lover!

Produced by John Oules
Directed by Kelly Lyons, Jen Rowe, and Erin Shannon
Musical Direction by Darcy White
Vocal Direction by Angela Niederloh Hayward
Stage Manager: Vanessa Elsner
Assistant Stage Manager: Abby Morgan
Presented by Eyes On Broadway
Sponsored by Ellyn Bye, Morel Ink, and Regional Arts & Culture Council

Writers and Composers: Conor Eifler, Marc Kochanski, Mark LaPierre, Austin Mahar, Lisa Ann Marsh, Pat Rasile, Rachel Tusler, John Vergin, and Matthew B. Zrebski

Starring: Louise Chambers, James Dixon, Hudson Hale, Colin Kane, Cassandra Pangelinan, Kelly Sina, Audrey Voon and more.

Tickets available for pick up at Will Call one hour prior to curtain.

Doors to the theater open 30 minutes prior to curtain.

General Admission Seating

Below is the line up of mini musicals for 2019:

The Machine
Book and Lyrics by Rachel Tusler
Music by Lisa Ann Marsh
Directed by Jen Rowe

Paris. The Reign of Terror. The last moments before an execution. An executioner, a woman in the crowd, and a prisoner are forced to confront what it means when death becomes a spectacle, murder is done by a machine, and they all have a part to play. The three face each other under the shadow of France's “Widow”—Madame la Guillotine.

One Move
Book, music, and lyrics by Matthew B. Zrebski
Directed by Erin Shannon

The story centers around a man who is in love with his personal drama ... in a world where in social media (and often in life) "trauma competition" abounds and allows for people to get attention ... where to be "broken" seems necessary.  But, of course, he feels empty, divided into multiple parts between his mind, body, spirit...and wishes to pull it all together and leap out a new person.  He is gender fluid and pansexual at his core...and once he becomes "one"...he can bust out his new fabulous self.

The Little Guy
Music by Pat Rasile
Lyrics by Marc Kochanski
Book by Marc Kochanski & Pat Rasile
Directed by Jen Rowe

Ian and Sabrina are in a moment of passion, but things are not going well. To whom can they appeal for help? Cupid? God? Dan Savage? Ian's performance issues send him into a panicked retreat, where he winds up getting advice from an unexpected source. Peter is an employee of Ian's but also an old friend. Bold and outspoken, Peter shares insights and evokes memories which help Ian see the remedy to his current situation. Spoiler: it's not Viagra.

Murder or Metaphor?
Music, Book, and Lyrics by John Vergin
Directed by Kelly Lyons

The intrepid Inspector Spott, of Scotland Yard,  is called to a swank London flat, where reside a well-off young couple with valet and maid. There are convoluted emotional involvements, a disappearance, and the suggestion of foul play. Has a murder occurred, or only the semblance of a murder? No one is certain, including the Inspector.

Rebellious Act
Music, Book, Lyrics by Mark LaPierre
Directed by Kelly Lyons

Elodie, a strong young lady in 13th Century France, has spent her life trying to escape the confines of her station and gender to gain some control over her destiny. Now, she is minutes away from being forced to marry a terrible man who will take her away from everything she has ever known. Elodie questions if she will ever be loved, and if she ever has been. Sophie, her servant, risks everything to offer her hope and one last rebellion.

An Unkindness of Ravens
Book and Lyrics by Austin Mahar
Music by Conor Eifler
Directed by Erin Shannon

A teenage runaway, fleeing a turbulent life with his abusive father, literally stumbles across two ravens waiting over a moose carcass in the woods. It is unclear to the boy if they are regular birds or if they are in fact something altogether mythical as the pair of ravens seem to extract out of him his thoughts and memories. Injured the boy needs the help of the ravens to right himself up before a nearing pack of wolves, coming for the moose meat, descend upon him.

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