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Pop-Up Magazine photo of female speaker on stage at lectern with video screen

Literary Arts presents Pop-Up Magazine: The Fall Issue at the Portland'5 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on ...

Showing: 10/26

Oregon Symphony presents Hocus Pocus in Concert at the Portland'5 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall...

Showing: 10/29 - 10/31
warren Miller's Daymaker image with title text, sun, and photo of skier riding snowy slope

Warren Miller Entertainment presents Warren Miller's Daymaker at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert...

Showing: 11/04
Image of Warner Bros. cartoon characters playing orchestra instruments

Warner Bros. presents Bugs Bunny At The Symphony 30th Anniversary Edition with Oregon Symphony November 26...

Showing: 11/26 - 11/27
Image of ancient Egyptian woman ruler (bust) with headdress

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live: When Women Ruled the World at the Newmark Theatre Tuesday,...

Showing: 11/29
Elf feature film image

Oregon Symphony presents Elf™ in Concert feature film with Oregon Symphony at Arlene Schnitzer Concert...

Showing: 12/17 - 12/18
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince image

Oregon Symphony presents Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™ in Concert at Arlene Schnitzer Concert...

Showing: 01/07 - 01/08
photo of simon & garfunkel standing side by side with the title in the middle

Portland'5 presents concert-style theater show The Simon & Garfunkel Story at the Newmark...

Showing: 01/15
Screenshot of the four main characters in The Goonies.

Oregon Symphony presents The Goonies in Concert, February 18 & 19, 2023 at Portland'5 Arlene Schnitzer...

Showing: 02/18 - 02/19
Illustration image of mammoths on plains setting with two humans in ATV

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live: How to Clone a Mammoth with Beth Shapiro at the Newmark...

Showing: 02/27