Upcoming Events: Keller Auditorium

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Lovett or Leave It image (George Washington wearing a clown nose)

Live Nation presents Lovett or Leave It with writer/podcaster Jon Lovett at the Portland'5 Keller...

Showing: 04/24
Photo of Mike Salazar.

Total quality presents comedian Mike Salazar, Saturday, April 25th, 2020 at Portland'5 Keller Auditorium...

Showing: 04/25
Rend Collective photo of band

Echo Ministries presents Irish folk worship band Rend Collective at the Portland'5 Keller Auditorium on...

Showing: 05/01
Disney Dance Upon a Dream image

Cancelled: True West presents Disney Dance Upon a Dream at the Portland'5 Keller Auditorium on Sunday, May...

Showing: 05/03
Black Violin image

Portland'5 welcomes classical hip-hop string duo Black Violin to Keller Auditorium on Wednesday, May 6,...

Showing: 05/06

Portland Opera presents their Big Night Concert opera showcase at the Portland'5 Keller Auditorium...

Showing: 05/09
The Book of Mormon show art

Broadway in Portland presents The Book of Mormon at the Portland'5 Keller Auditorium May 12–17,...

Showing: 05/12 - 05/17

Portland Opera presents Pagliacci at the Portland'5 Keller Auditorium June 5–13, 2020.

Showing: 06/05 - 06/13
Hillsong Worship image

Premier Productions presents the Hillsong Worship Awake Tour 2020 at the Portland'5 Keller Auditorium on...

Showing: 06/15

Portland Gay Men's Chorus presents their Pride concert Turn the Radio Up! at the Portland'5 Keller...

Showing: 06/20