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Photo: Larry Sherman, Ph.D.

OHSU Brain Institute presents The Neuroscience of Pleasure with Larry Sherman, Ph.D. at the Portland'5...

Showing: 03/30

White Bird Dance presents Camille A. Brown & Dancers' ink at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 04/02 - 04/04
Oregon Ballet Theatre | Beautiful Decay | Photo of two dancers

Oregon Ballet Theatre presents Beautiful Decay at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre April 9–12, 2020...

Showing: 04/09 - 04/12

NW Dance Project presents The Rite of Spring at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre April 23–25, 2020...

Showing: 04/23 - 04/25

Oregon Children's Theatre presents the musical Last Stop on Market Street at the Portland'5...

Showing: 05/02 - 05/31

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live—Designed By Nature at the Newmark Theatre on Tuesday...

Showing: 05/05
Dr. Leigh Hochberg image

OHSU Brain Institute presents Machines and the Mind with Dr. Leigh Hochberg at the Portland'5 Newmark...

Showing: 05/27
Oregon Ballet Theatre | The Americans 2.0 | Photo of dancer in western attire

Oregon Ballet Theatre presents The Americans 2.0 at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre June 5–13,...

Showing: 06/05 - 06/14
On Stage: Oregon Ballet Theatre School's Annual Performances | Photo of student dancing

Oregon Ballet Theatre School presents their Annual School Performance at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 06/13 - 06/14
Dr. Peter Hotez photo

OHSU Brain Institute presents Vaccines: Autism and Other Myths with Dr. Peter Hotez at the Portland'5...

Showing: 06/29