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A dragon standing in front of a cave with a bag hanging on its tail that reads: Taco Cave.

Oregon Children's Theatre presents Dragons Love Tacos at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre January...

Showing: 01/22 - 02/19
Photo of Anjelah Johnson-Reyes with her name, tour name and show info in text

Live Nation presents comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes' Who Do I Think I Am Tour at the Portland'5 Newmark...

Showing: 01/27
The Second City Swipes Right image of phone screen with title text

Portland'5 presents The Second City Swipes Right: An Incomplete Guide to The Ultimate Date Night February...

Showing: 02/10
Ryan Hamilton

Live Nation welcomes comedian Ryan Hamilton to the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre on Friday, February 17, 2023...

Showing: 02/17
Photo of Lil Buck dancing with show title in stylized text

Portland'5 presents Memphis Jookin’: The Show featuring Lil Buck at the Newmark Theatre on Tuesday,...

Showing: 02/21
Photo of Storm Large in a black gown with info in text

Portland Jazz Festival presents Storm Large's Burlesque Big Band + The Ne Ultra Jass Orchestra at the...

Showing: 02/23
Photo of Dave Holland holding upright bass with info in text

The 2023 Biamp Portland Jazz Festival presents Dave Holland Trio + Derrick Hodge Trio at the Newmark...

Showing: 02/24
Photo of Hubert Laws playing flute with info in text- Festival title logo

The 2023 Biamp Portland Jazz Festival presents Hubert Laws Quintet + Brian Jackson at the Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 02/25
MYS logo

Metropolitan Youth Symphony presents their Community Concert: Downtown! at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 02/26
Illustration image of mammoths on plains setting with two humans in ATV

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live: How to Clone a Mammoth with Beth Shapiro at the Newmark...

Showing: 02/27