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Photo of Angjelah Johnson pointing to a parody mockup of a Google Search box containing Technically Not Stalking Tour

Live Nation presents the Anjelah Johnson “Technically Not Stalking” Tour at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 01/22
Brian Skerry's underwater photo of whale

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live - Secrets of the Whales with Brian Skerry at the Newmark...

Showing: 01/25
Photo: The Fab Four performing live

Emporium Presents welcomes The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute to the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre on Friday...

Showing: 01/28

Metropolitan Youth Symphony presents their Spring Concert - In Characters of Fire at the Portland'5...

Showing: 03/06
Central Park Five art image

Portland Opera presents The Central Park Five, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2020, at...

Showing: 03/18 - 03/26
Glenn Miller Orchestra image

New date: The Glenn Miller Orchestra concert on June 30, 2020 and moved to June 28, 2021, is now scheduled...

Showing: 03/28
Historical photo of Greenwood citizens

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live - Greenwood: A Century of Resilience at the Newmark Theatre...

Showing: 03/29
Dreamland photo of dancers performing

Oregon Ballet Theatre presents Dreamland at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre April 8–10, 2022.

Showing: 04/08 - 04/10
Photo Maureen Beck climbing rock face

Portland'5 presents National Geographic Live - Improbable Ascent at the Newmark Theatre Tuesday, May 10,...

Showing: 05/10
Photo of Oregon Ballet Theatre dancer performing in The Americans

Oregon Ballet Theatre presents The Americans - Take Two at the Portland'5 Newmark Theatre June 3–11, 2022...

Showing: 06/03 - 06/11