Oregon Children's Theatre

A Season Reimagined


Imagination is one of the most powerful abilities we have. Our imaginations create stories, surprising twists and turns, and fairytale endings. Just imagine what is possible in the imaginations of youth… Stuffed animals can come to life. A simple box can be transformed into a magical fort. A strip of grass becomes a landing pad for a rocket ship. Imagination allows us the opportunity to think beyond what is possible.

This season, OCT is doing just that. We’re delving into our imaginations, keeping safety first, and finding creative new ways to tell the stories you know and love, as well as some new ones you didn’t know you needed.

It will not be a season of on-stage performances. But we will perform.

It will not be a season of sharing space together. But we will find connection.

It will not be a season of tradition. But we will create opportunity and experimentation.

This is not a season of ‘traditional’ imagination. It is a season reimagined.

We are looking at new ways to bring theater to everyone, with our own signature stamp on the performances that our community has come to trust and love. We are focusing on accessibility, inclusivity, and great storytelling.  We’re ready to expand our offerings despite the cancelation of a traditional  season of performances. 

It’s true that this season will be unlike any other. We’re reimagining what is possible. We’re reimagining how to bring theater to more families, into more homes and into more lives. We’ve got exciting plans, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We’ll have more opportunities to engage with us virtually, including streaming online performances, theater games, and much more.

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Oregon Children's Theatre presents professional stage adaptations of classic and contemporary children's literature. Well-loved stories, fantastic characters, full-scale sets, elaborate costumes and brilliant lighting come together to bring the magic of theater to tens of thousands of children each season.

For three decades, Oregon Children’s Theatre has been creating extraordinary theater for young audiences. We bring great stories to life on stage, with productions distinguished by their professional polish and awe-inspiring staging.  For many children, attending an OCT production is their first experience with professional performing arts.

Our work is grounded in the belief that theater and storytelling can educate, inspire, empower, and entertain in remarkable ways.

Oregon Children's Theatre (OCT) was originally created by Sondra Pearlman as the "Theatre for Young People" under the auspices of the Portland Civic Theatre in 1988. When Portland Civic Theatre closed in 1990, Pearlman formed Oregon Children's Theatre, which became a resident company of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts in 1991. Oregon Children's Theatre celebrated its one-millionth patron during the 1999-2000 season. 

All of our mainstage shows run about 60-75 minutes and are presented without intermission.

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