Services and Fees

The costs for presenting at the Portland’5 theatres include rent, labor, ticketing fees, and equipment fees. Our rate sheets provide details on many of these charges. Labor charges will vary depending upon the theatre and tech needs of the show. Please reach out to for more details.

Rental Rates & Extra Charges

View or download a printable version of Portland'5 rental rates below:

2023/24 Rental Rates:

Commercial Rates

Non-Profit Rates

Please note that only organizations located in the greater Portland area and have a 501(c)(3) qualify for the non-profit rate.
Rates effective July 1, 2023 and are subject to change without notice.


All tickets must be sold on the Portland’5 ticketing system—TicketsWest. Tickets are subject to service charges. All tickets incur a User’s Fee (facility fee) of 6% of the ticket price, with a minimum charge of $2.25 per ticket.

Organizations who qualify for the non-profit rate, may also be given the opportunity to use their own ticketing system. The system must be approved by our Director of Ticket Services, and tickets sold on other systems are still subject to the User’s Fee and service charges noted above.