Venue Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

The Portland’5 Technical pages are geared for the technical departments of upcoming shows. If you have an event coming to any of the Portland’5 venues, review the quick facts below. You can view more detailed specs in the pdf documents that follow.

Keller Auditorium
Seating Capacity 2,992
Orchestra level 1,850
Box level 188
1st Balcony level 425
2nd Balcony level 529
Orchestra pit seats 42
Keller Auditorium Tech Specs (pdf)

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Seating Capacity 2,776 (w/out pit seats) 
Orchestra level 1,504
Dress circle 168
Mezzanine 384
Lower Balcony 364
Upper Balcony 356
Pit Seats 32

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Tech Specs (pdf)

Orchestra level 382
Box Seats   52
1st Balcony level 241
2nd Balcony level 203

Total Seating Capacity 878
Pit Seats    44
Total using Pit Seats  924
Newmark Theatre Tech Specs (pdf)

Standard seating 304 (proscenium configuration)
Maximum seating  330 (w/pit seating)
1st Tier 198 (plus 26 pit seats)
2nd Tier 53
3rd Tier 53

Winningstad Theatre Tech Specs (pdf)

45' X 70' room dimensions
Seating capacity varies based on the staging and seating configuration for each event. Staging and seating configurations MUST receive prior approval by Portland'5.
Brunish Theatre Tech Specs (pdf)